The wine styles regulated by the Denominació d'Origen Tarragona are:

Vins de qualitat


Fortified wines

Mistela de Tarragona
Moscatell de Tarragona
Garnatxa de Tarragona
Vi Ranci de Tarragona
Vi vimblanc de Tarragona

Quality sparkling wines


Garnatxa de Tarragona

For its elaboration, only white and red garnatxa varieties are used and it only accepts a maximum of 10% of other varieties. During its elaboration the fermentation process will be stopped by adding first quality vinous alcohol or mitellas of equal variety and origin. Spirit wines will have a maturity time or aging time of two years, to be marketed with the name garnatxa.

Alcohol content acquired:
15% vol. minimum, 20% vol. maximum.

Producers that make this kind of wine: