Vineyard tour in a horse-drawn carriage

Discover the privileged area of Alt Camp with a real horse-drawn carriage. Return to the origins of wooden wheels and animal traction. A route between vineyards will discover secrets such as an Iberian village or the Casafort district.

After this adventure for children and adults, we will visit the Nulles Wine Cathedral and try some of the renowned wines and Cavas Adernats, are made accompanied by artisan bread from Nulles oven, hazelnuts and arbequina olive oil.

Activity Detail:

  • 45 minutes: Carriage route between vineyards. Stops at the site of Rabassats and Casafort.

  • 30 minutes: Route through the interior of the modernist winery with amien explanations of architecture and the process of elaboration of the wines and cavas Adernats.

  • 30 minutes: Tasting of 3 wines and champagnes Adernats with snack km. 0

More information at:

Rutes en carro entre vinyes

Organised by:
Adernats - Catedral del Vi, Nulles