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Ruta 3 The inland hills and the Ribera d'Ebre

Reus is the ideal starting point to visit the Prades mountains and the inland highlands of Tarragona. Just 10km from the city we are well into the countryside. In the Cortiella valley outside Alforja, visitors can enjoy the tranquility and the spectacular countryside surrounding Mas del BotĂł, whilst tasting their wines. Just a few kilometers further inland we reach the Ribera d'Ebre county, one of the least well known areas of the DO Tarragona, but one with the brightest future home to some of the newest winemaking projects in the D.O.

The country follows the path of the Ebre river that influences both the character of the people and their agriculture. A few kilometers upstream from the capital Mora d'Ebre is the village of Miravet, known for it's artisans and the Templar castle on the hill overlooking the village. The castle has spectacular views of the river and the surrounding countryside, where vineyards are becoming increasingly important. Celler Pedrola is a recent project based in Miravet, welcoming visitors to discover the secrets of their wines. From Miravet we head towards Tivissa, a large district covering a number of small villages. The old Iberian village at Castellet de Banyoles underlines the regions past, as well as the spectacular countryside of the Serrra de Llaberia hills where we can visit the vineyards and cellar of the same name.

Bodegas con Visita Guiada en la zona

Celler Pedrola, Miravet
Vins Suñer, Ginestar
Lafarineravins, Rasquera
Mas del BotĂł, Alforja
Vins Ecològics Helga Harbig Cerezo, Rasquera
Molí de Rué, Vinebre